Aerial Photography and Image Processing

It all depends on the perspective: Phoenics utilizes the latest state of the art digital camera technology for the aerial photography. In order to present the terrain texture realistically, vertical aerial photos in different resolutions and overlaps are acquired and merged to a “master piece”. The aerial data are then loaded into a high-end image processing software which will enable their usage in cadastral applications. To create 3D building models, oblique images are used to produce building textures rich in detail.

Ortho Image Production

Phoenics is producing ortho images for 18 years. using digital large frame cameras and a high geometric resolution, very detailed images for numerous applications can be derived. the use of high resolution ortho images is a still growing business. since Google and bing all industrial, governmental and private users have a special view on high resolution imaging. Phoenics is producing aerial images for printed maps, online presentations and technical applications worldwide. Phoenics is offering a scanservice using the high resolution scanner from Vexcel “ultrascan 5000” for your old analogous aerial images.

Aerial Triangulation

• Automatic Tie Point Measurement
 Manual horizontal and vertical control point measurement
• Bundle Block Adjustmen

Ortho Image & Mosaic

• Raw Images
• Orientation Parameters
• Terrain Model
• Single Ortho Images
• Ortho Image Mosaic
• Rectification & Tiling

GCP Collection and Aerial Photography