Project Management

The larger and more comprehensive a project is, the more complex are the related data sets. Phoenics has sophisticated international experience and the professional know-how in the field of photogrammetry, GIS, quality assurance and project management of large scale international projects.

Consulting in the Middle East

We are supported by Gottfried Konecny, em. Prof. University of Hanover, Germany.



CAD and GIS data are used for the 3D city model of Kuwait. Fast growing cities require detailed 3D & 2D data models for planning and further presentations.

Phoenics Spatial is also involved in the ongoing MoF (Ministry of Finance, Kuwait) consulting service: 'Implementation of Geographic Information Systems Project".


Saudia Arabia

Establishment of a spatial database for the utilization of photogrammetric data for the rural development and city planning in Saudi Arabia. New methods and specifications for data collection and processing were developed which enable the setup of a GIS system. The creation of a GIS based geospatial data model is fundamental for the introduction of a country-wide basemap-GIS. One project was containing the transformation of available line-mapping data into new GIS applications.